DNA Self-Corium

3-IN-1 Treatment Package
Acne scar* Depressed scar* Deep wrinkle


Improved Depressed Scar from Acne
into Skin Corium layer!

Renewme DNA Self-Corium 3 steps

STEP1. Air pocket Formation

STEP2. DNA Injection

STEP3. Self-Corium Injection

Form Air pocket of scar
and reconstruct new tissues
in the depressed skin layer

Inject DNA to regenerate
new fibrous protein
in the sunken area.

Inject Self-corium
to fill up
into the depressed area

Depressed Acne scar
Treatment Package

Frequency Needle

Mosaic Laser

DNA self-corium

Full face/ 1 session



* The price of DNA self-corium is standard as 1CC above.
If there is additional CC, there will be more charged.

Before & After

Acne Scar


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DNA Self-Corium

DNA Self-Corium is an effective treatment for the depressed scar from Acne. The target area is injected CO2 to make air pocket into the skin corium layer by technical equipment. Next, It셲 injected DNA solution with H.A to regenerate fibrous protein in damaged skin cell to improve the depressed area.

Why difficult to treat Acne scar?

The scar is not simply pitted and depressed on the skin surface. The scar is also formed into the dermal layer as well. There are fibrous tissues that hold together and make hard from the scar area into the skin. That셲 why the tissues pull the scars into the depressed area.
DNA Self-corium helps scars to improve from the depressed skin layer.

Fibrous tissue

Principle of DNA Self-Corium

Sunken area
from scar before treatment

Cut off fibrous tissues that hold together

and make hard into the depressed scar!

Cut off fibrous tissue by injection CO2

By injection CO2 gas into the skin layer, it cuts off the hard fibrous tissues and makes air-pockets. Air-pockets help the new skin tissues grow and fill up into the scar.

Reconstruct new fibrous protein

into the skin!

Fibrous protein is an important material to make skin elasticity into corium layer. DNA specific solutions is injected into the dermal layer to promote the balanced secretion of fibrous protein and non-fibrous protein proteins to regenerate damaged cells, scars, and wounds as well.

Fill up the sunken area

from the skin!

By injected Self-corium material into the air pocket created by CO2, it slows down the adhesion of exfoliated dermis and helps to regenerate fibrous protein and elastin in natural skin restoration. The volume of self-corium materials itself makes the scars to fill up in depressed scar from acne.

Recommended Programs

1. Frequency Needle

Frequency Needle is a treatment to induce skin regeneration by high frequency heat. The needle cuts off tangled tissues that hold down the skin, while the frequency triggers fibrous protein production to regenerate new skin. It셲 effective to acne scar, wounds, tightness, and lifting as well.

2. Mosaic Laser

Mosaic laser is a kind of Erbium glass laser that uses laser beam to create artificial wounds like numerous fine holes in the epidermal layer and dermis layer. It induces a fibrous protein synthesis from wound restoration process. It셲 effective to the skin regeneration, pore reduction etc.

What is benefit for DNA Self-corium?

Improve to fill up the scar by inducing new fibrous protein formation into the dermis layer

Dedicate treatment by using the penetrated needle for each Acne scar

Duration of treatment about 20-30minutes with short recovery time

Before & After

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If a patient have a side effect happened from medical malpractice,
the clinic will do refund and indemnify under Medical Act of Korea.

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